Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Wheat with a Purpose™

La Brea Bakery is proud to bring you a new line of breads with renewed purpose — La Brea Bakery Reserve: artisan breads made from single origin heirloom grains. La Brea Bakery Reserve celebrates a common vision, one that embraces the beauty and dignity of farming and the true taste of real food.

Bread is mankind’s oldest food. For 10,000 years, we’ve cultivated wheat, stored it, milled it and consumed it. However, the farm to table movement we’ve seen across our food landscape hadn’t caught up to bread. Bread’s main ingredient, wheat, has been a commodity crop, bought and sold on the open market. We wanted to flip that model to where we were communicating directly to the farmer and bringing a level of transparency that has never been seen before in the artisan bread world.

We refer to this idea as Wheat with a Purpose™. The notion that wheat can be more than a commodity; the very soul of the ingredient is entrenched in the land and the people that care for it. La Brea Bakery worked with Montana farmers to specifically grow Fortuna Wheat for one purpose – to make the most flavorful, distinctive breads that truly capture a sense of place. We are privileged to be working with farmers growing the highest quality wheat in the world.

Terroir is a French term that literally translates to Earth or soil. But it is more than that, it is the idea that a food or wine can embody a place – the soil, climate, topography and weather of a farm that differentiates it from any other. And there is no place on Earth like Montana.

Meet Our Farmers


Montana Wheat

Great breads come from great grains grown by passionate people in special places. And there is no wheat on Earth like Montana wheat. Dean Folkvord is a third  generation Montana farmer. His family has been in the farming business for 60-70 years. His dad, Dale Folkvord, purchased the first piece of the property in 1958 and gradually they expanded from 3,000 acres to the present-day 15,000 acres.

Meet Montana Wheat