Fortuna Wheat Loaf

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Fortuna Wheat Loaf

Planting Date: April 10, 2015

Harvest Date: August 3, 2015

Yield: 24 bushels/acre (Modern wheats yield 35 bushels/acre)

Fortuna Wheat was never supposed to get its time in the spotlight. Long forgotten by most farmers because it grew too tall, it didn’t produce incredible yields. Fortunately, a few farmers bucked common wisdom and saw the potential to grow something truly special from the best grains on Earth.

Grain Mix: Fortuna Wheat three ways: Whole Milled Fortuna Wheat, Cracked Fortuna Wheat Berries, Fortuna White Flour
Pre-Firmament: Fortuna Whole Wheat Sponge and Fortuna Whole Wheat
Fermentation Time: 5 hours

Flavor Profile

This loaf has levels of texture from the Fortuna grain mix, including a crispy crust and a mixed crumb from the cracked wheat berries. Sweet and sour pre-ferments balance each other perfectly, with tangy notes and subtle, natural sweetness from raisin juice.


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