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Wheat with a purpose.™

For 10,000 years, we cultivated wheat, stored it, milled it and consumed it. The system worked, and it nourished civilization. Today we celebrate a common vision,  one that embraces the beauty and dignity of  farming and the true taste of real food. We value purpose and passion. We believe in a simple, honest approach. A return to intention, ingredients,  quality and craft.

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Farm First

Great breads come from great grains grown by passionate people in special places. And there is no place on Earth like Montana. Dean Folkvord is a third generation Montana farmer. His family has been in the farming business for 60-70 years. His dad, Dale Folkvord, purchased the first piece of the property in 1958 and gradually they expanded from 3,000 acres to the present-day 15,000 acres.

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